Open Source Sylius Plugins

This is our contribution to the world of Sylius. We share all the plugins' code under MIT license and we hope that it will be helpful to others.

Sorting Plugin

Makes sorting products in taxons more quick and comfortable by simple drag and drop while you see all products at once. No more manually computing positions and paging.

Zásilkovna Plugin

The user can choose the Zásilkovna branch in the appropriate country during checkout in the Shipment step. Automatically updates the list of branches, allows batch export to CSV for importing into Zásilkovna's system

Shipments Export Plugin

See all unshipped orders, mark multiple orders at once as shipped and download CSV for submitting batch shipments with Geis transport company or Czech post.

Payment Restrictions

Sylius can restrict shipping methods by zone but sometimes you need to restrict the payment methods the same way. This plugin also enables to limit available payment methods with shipping methods.

Payment Fee

Also known as Cash on Delivery Fee but it supports setting payment fee for any payment and enables to configure the fee by channel. Displays related information along the order in Admin panel as well as in transactional emails.

Contact form Plugin

Advanced contact form with persisting messages and admin interface