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We are looking for new colleagues willing to work with us on interesting e-commerce projects both onsite or remotely at least 20 hrs / week. If you are familiar with literally any technology mentioned below, please give us a shout.

Backend Developer
PHP / Symfony

Your job will be to develop and support the e-commerce application and APIs written in Symfony-based framework Sylius.

You should know at least basics about the following:

  • PHP and the Symfony framework - Experience with any PHP framework is sufficient. We keep the PHP versions, code and package versions up to date => no misery with old legacy code at all.
  • GIT - We track changes and we do code reviews. You should know how to push & pull the code, create and merge branches.
  • PostgreSQL - Experience with MySQL or any other relational database is sufficient. The Symfony ORM (Doctrine) does the SQL work for you anyway.
  • Docker - You will develop the app in local docker environment so basic knowledge is handy. We use Kubernetes for deployment to production but you do not have to care about how this is done if you do not want to.
  • Frontend - Our frontend colleagues are using SASS, TypeScript, Encore etc. Feel free to help also here, but primary focus of your job will be on the backend and you do not have to interfere with the frontend at all if you do not want to.
  • API - We are using a couple of external services which are talking to us through REST APIs and JSON or XML.

Frontend developer
React / JavaScript / TypeScript

Your job will be to develop and support React applications with JSON API and sometimes also to code HTML templates.

You should know at least basics about the following:

  • React and JSON APIs - Architecture of the React app is important. We want you to design and extend such apps and be part of the API design as well to keep the API calls optimized.
  • Twig - We are using Symfony PHP framework, that means that HTML is rendered from Twig templates (experience with Latte or any similar templating system is sufficient).
  • SASS and TypeScript - also sometimes plain Javascript, all compiled with yarn / Encore
  • PHP - Basic experience with PHP is a plus: it will make your life easier :) But we do not require any.
  • API - We are using a couple of external services which are talking to us through REST APIs and JSON or XML.

Our working culture in a nutshell

  • Code Quality, logging and monitoring - On top of the human code reviews, we are using automated code quality checking tools for maintaining clean code and we log errors nicely for easier debugging.
  • Working environment - We respect your habits so we don’t care if you use Linux, Mac or Windows or any type of IDE. We recommend Linux or Mac with any of the JetBrains IDEs but the choice is yours. We are using JetBrains Space platform as our CI, code storage and also to communicate, share knowledge and project management. If you know Slack, Jira, Trello or similar tools, you won’t be surprised.
  • The team at your disposal - You can always ask senior developer anything and anytime and we encourage to do so. Ask for a code review whenever you want or suggest using new technology or another library / package if you think it’s useful.
  • Workplace - We work from the office in Prague or also from our homes, cottages, summer destinations or other places on Earth. What's important that we stay connected together with Google Meet, JetBrains Space or Signal. All our infrastructure is in the cloud so there's nothing you cannot do offsite.
  • Sharing the knowledge - If you have some unique knowledge about something, please feel free to share. Even it’s not a code - we love coffee, some of us are building smart homes, are into virtual reality glasses and gaming, model trains, drone racing or other tech stuff as a hobby.
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